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Alligator Bob
Alligator Bob
Used on Project: 2010 Indian for the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Italian Leather, Kangaroo hand lacing, Real Bear Claws and Arrow heads.
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Alligator Bob here. Tried out the thread and I love it, it sews nice, good stitch, tight, good colour with a nice twist . I will be using it on all my projects, bike seats from all over the world will have Black Crown Thread. Sews great on exotics does not seem to fray. You can use my facebook or web page to tell everybody Alligator Bob is using your thread. Facebook Alligator Bob’s Custom Motorcycle Seats. Or my web page

Polyamide 66 Thread

are made up of macromolecules with repeating units linked together by much stronger amid bonds (Chemical Bonds), rather than other threads that are held together by ester bonds.

They have the properties of well wear resistance, high strength and controlled stretching, and are UV resistant, repel moisture and also colour fade resistant.


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